Saturday, March 24, 2007

Short-Sighted Move - Ervin Siverson, Portland

Dear Rep. [Chip] Shields:
I am writing to offer my support of Senate Bill 30 that addresses siting issues of destination resorts, specifically the Metolius River Basin. In a short-sighted move, Jefferson County has proposed the siting of two areas of land within the Metolius Basin for destination resorts. As you are probably aware, the Metolius Basin is a state treasure that already is showing stress from overuse due to the rapid growth of the Bend area/Deschutes County. Jefferson County Commissioners believe they are being forward thinking by siting this land for destination resorts in order to increase their tax base, yet the development of these lands will destroy the natural beauty of the area. With Senator Ron Wyden pushing to restore federal tax dollars for logging dollars lost, this potential tax revenue for Jefferson County is not needed. The headwaters of the Metolius River were donated to the people of the State of Oregon for all to enjoy; and with the Metolius having a Wild and Scenic River designation, Senate Bill 30 makes sense to preserve this designation for generations to come, not for the wealthy few who can afford a resort home. Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

Ervin Siverson
Portland, OR

Friday, March 23, 2007

Earnest Support of SB 30 - Mark Dohrmann, Portland

I'd like to express my earnest support of SB. You hopefully are aware of the fragile nature of the Metolius Basin and the need to protect it from destination resorts that could destroy this Oregon natural gem. The Basin simply can not bear the weight of much of a drain on it's resources. Water sources, the very heart of the Metolius, are a huge concern. Destination resorts require tremendous amounts. It should be noted that the Metolius River has shown a decline in volume from its head waters every year for at least the last 5. Further draw downs of water that feeds the Metolius could be enough to strangle it.

Please, please fight long and hard to make those who might not otherwise understand that Oregon's special places need our protection. They can't be recreated later. We must preserve them for the good of all.

Mark Dohrmann
Portland, Oregon 97210

Jefferson County Tax Payer and visitor to the Metolius these past 35 years.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Westlund Proposes Senate Bill 30 - Ervin Siverson, Portland

(Sent to the Bulletin:)

Spring is here and it is close to the time where Oregonians get out and camp in the wilderness. However, one of our most cherished wilderness areas is threatened by the proposed development of two destination resorts. The Metolius River Basin contains some of the most pristine wilderness and water found in this state, yet its natural beauty is being threatened by a proposed 10,000 acre resort on Green Ridge and another 640 acre resort just west of historic Camp Sherman. Senator Ben Westlund has proposed Senate Bill 30 that will limit development of destination resorts in ecologically sensitive areas, and in the Metolius River Basin. A public hearing on this legislation is scheduled for April 5th at 8:15 am at the Capitol Building and I encourage my fellow Oregonians to support this legislation by attending this hearing and by calling their legislators.

Ervin Siverson
Portland, OR