Monday, June 11, 2007

No Runaway Growth In The Metolius - John Schubert, Bend

[Sent to all Representatives:]

My family has been visiting the Metolius since the 1950's because it is an extraordinary Oregon place that is best preserved just the way it is. More destination resorts nearby will destroy the unique peaceful quality of the basin and overrun Sisters as well with traffic, pollution, crowds, vegetation trampling, over fishing,... Please afford this landmark Oregon place the protection it needs--our broken land use system cannot protect the Metolius.

Our State land use system has been severely compromised by legislative amendmnents at the behest of the development industry, one amendment at a time over the past 15 years. Step by step the intent of the system has been undermined, most significantly by the destination resort amendment, but also by the 20-year land supply requirements, prohibition on inclusionary zoning, and others. It is time to put a stop to the unraveling of what makes Oregon so special.

I have worked in the Deschutes National Forest for the past 18 years and also have been a planning commissioner and City Councilor in Bend. I have seen this special region converted from a charming place to runaway growth. We need better laws to protect Oregon's special places. Please have the courage to do your part.

Thanks very much.

John Schubert
Bend, OR

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