Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lifelong Republican Supports SB 30 - Steve Bachelder, Portland

Dear Representatives,

I have forwarded to you the attached letter [not posted here in hopes that Oregonain publishes it] I just sent the Oregonian in response to its editorial about SB 30 and the Metolius. I hope you will take it into consideration.

I agree with the Oregonian that overall Land-use policy is at a critical stage in Oregon and must be looked at thoughtfully, but we can't afford to risk the Metolius in the meantime, and the Metolius is up against the power of some huge money right now.

Please support the bill as written the Senate.

Incidentally, I am a lifelong Republican, one of many who realize ours was the original party of conservation, in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt.

Thank you,
Steve Bachelder
Portland, OR

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